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Machinery, in any industry, that is constantly utilized makes it prone to wear and tear or malfunction. We can also polish and plate hardware pieces from small to large production runs. We offer Nickel, Chrome, Copper, and Brass finishes. We can provide you with a glossy or satin option. If you are searching for a trustworthy team of professionals to provide quality industrial plating services, New England Chrome Plating is your go-to option.

We Provide Various Types of Plating to Mill Specs

  • Small lots of 1-2 pieces to large lots of thousands of pieces
  • Rack and Barrel plating in gold, chrome, nickel, copper and zinc
  • Plating for corrosion resistance
  • Hard Chromium plating on items such as shafts, machined parts
  • Hard Chromium for buildup
  • Carburizing (Copper plate for heat treat)

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