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Frequently Asked Chrome Plating Questions

Q. How long does chrome plating / polishing take?

A. During our busy season (Feb. thru May) an order may take 4 to 8 weeks before completion. However during this time a order may exceed the time quoted. If you need your part back quickly, it is best to bring it in during the summer and fall months, when the turn around time can be less than 2 weeks.

Q. What happens to my part after I leave it?

A. After invoicing your order, your item is entered into the stripping line. Once it is stripped, any repairs needed are made and it is scheduled for polishing. After polishing it will be copper plated and then repolished. After it is polished for the second time the final coating is applied. Your part is then cleaned and ready.

Q. Can my part be repaired?

A. Yes. If welding or filling of a pitted area is needed, our experienced platers can fix it. We specialize in pot metal restoration.

Q. Can I ship my part to you?

A. Parts may be shipped to us. Please include a detailed description of your order, part list, return address, and phone number. We will call with a quote before beginning your order. Upon completion we will ship it to you via U.P.S.

Q. How do you price an order?

A. Prices are determined by size and condition of the piece.

Q. Does chrome plating cause pollution?

A. We follow strict government guidelines for air and water waste management. At NECP we have installed various equipment to greatly reduce any harm to the environment and are consistently testing to make sure that we are in compliance with the E.P.A. standards.

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