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Chrome Plating for Car / Motorcycle / Boat


New England Chrome Plating New England Chrome Plating


At New England Chrome Plating we offer a variety of finishes for all your automotive needs. These include show chrome, gold, yellow zinc, clear zinc, powder coating, and nickel. We specialize in the restoration of pot metal, as well as polishing stainless steel and aluminum.
Some items that are commonly done include: bumpers, door handles, trim, brackets, grilles, and door posts. We also offer a high temperature ceramic coatings.


New England Chrome Plating New England Chrome Plating
New England Chrome Plating


For the boating enthusiast we offer polishing of stainless steel, and rechroming of pot metal, brass, and bronze. Some common items redone on boats are cleats, bow/stern lights, control levers, winches, and rod holders. These all can be done in any finish and come out like new.
For the bikers we offer polishing of aluminum, rechroming, gold plating, nickel plating, and stripping. Some common items done include fork tubes, side covers, steel rims, hand controls, and fenders.

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